Caitlin Westgate, “craters have intentions”

During the spring 2017 semester, a few members of the volume 14 editorial staff took the time to ask contributors to the volume to record a few poems to publish here on our website. The editors of volume 14 recorded 7 pieces in all, and these will be posted over the next few weeks to this website. We would like to thank all of the contributors who took the time to read for us.

The first audio we’re posting is the poem “craters have intentions,” written and performed by Caitlin Westgate. The poem can be found on page 15 of volume 14, as well as after the cut.

craters have intentions

the moon punches through
black construction paper,
matte, wobbling like an aluminum sheet.
fluorescence pours out
sheer film of
moon rays like limbs
reaching tenderly, eagerly, for the ground.

i watch the process from my bed,
swaddled in cotton spirals
wondering what those glow
hands are stretching for,
or if they’re simply sore
from holding up the sun so long.
small grid lines of  my insect
screen obscure and intersect
but i see them as clearly
as on the night we met.


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