Alexandria Machado, “The Great Barrier Reef is Dying!”

Today’s reading is from Alexandria Machado, editor and contributor to volume 14. Alexandria, with Katherine Nazzaro, also helped write volume 14’s artist profile on Clarence Major. Here, she reads her poem, “The Great Barrier Reef is Dying!” which is featured on page 83 of volume 14. It can also be read below the cut.

The Great Barrier Reef is Dying!

Exodus hell in the fairy land of the grand stretch.
Rainbow proud, and plot planning your funeral.

There’s a difference between
dying and dead.

As though either are reversible.
Hidden in the coventry of your ignorant prose.

You are not saint nor sinner
but the relic that lingers in the middle,

Some caustic tale of seedy walks home.
You ignored me and the influx of your own dreams.

The reach to break and break
and break your hands and feet.

So why are your assets in banks, your color
stripped and your energy from the death of things?

Deny your legacy, go ahead,
it’s fine! But you are me.

You are the maced eye in the battlefield
and the chastised amputee.

But that golden hour does arrive,
set before the flutter bugs and lullaby’s

you sing your babies to sleep .
For the silence is begging to

rub two pennies together,
two round, copper things.


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