Caitlin Westgate, ‘mourning news’

It is with a somewhat heavy heart that we come to the conclusion of the recordings we made in the spring. Please bear in mind, however, that given the will and the cooperation from contributors (like you!), we would like to continue making audio posts featuring work within the Bridge. This also gives us the opportunity to say, keep an eye out! Things are moving in the world of the Bridge, and you can keep up to date on them both here and on our Facebook page.

We wrap up the spring 2017 recordings with, again, Caitlin Westgate. She reads “mourning news,” which can be found both on page 36 of volume 14 and below the cut.

mourning news

the bridge is crumbling
coffee cake
over an ocean white with ice
milk when it’s been
sitting too long and it grows
and that horrible smell
of skin burning
leaving the grill on
too long and crumpled metal
giftwrap tossed aside
and bodies trapped inside
gulls who can fly
far away but choose to stay
sirens sounding out
it feels so strange
in their mouths,
on their tongues,
when they taste disaster.


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