Meet Editor Chris Overy

Staff members share insights into their personal and professional lives.

What’s your area of focus?

A lot of my writing has been based on my career and experiences in the military.

I’d like to expand upon more than my own service and address many different key issues and current topics in our armed forces like: military sexual assault, climate change (the pollution output, how climate change threatens base security, the mission, and overall national security, along with the dangers to structures/equipment/vehicles/weapon systems, and morale), gender freedom while serving, and many other vital issues.

Themes focusing on veterans and the problems we face are also a chief concern when it comes to my work. Whether it’s corruption, veteran suicide, or scandal, I admire and hope to compose eye-opening pieces like we’ve seen from publications like ProPublica and the Boston Globe Spotlight Team.

What kind of writing do you like and what are you currently reading?

I really enjoy writing and reading creative non-fiction, memoir, and sci-fi/fantasy. Different mediums of writing interest me as well, whether it’s poetry or something more lyric and experimental. Seeing writers and authors incorporate physical items or props in their work and books is also something that really interests me and catches my eye. Right now, I’m currently reading New York Times best-selling author Chuck Wendig’s new novel Wanderers. That and every graphic novel and comic I can get my hands on of the greatest superhero team ever, the Fantastic Four.

What do you care about?

Along with the aforementioned topics on the military and veterans, I also have a deep passion for common sense gun control and background checks, a plethora of social justice causes, suicide prevention, and a new growing interest in Restorative Justice.

Chris Overy

I left the Air Force Security Forces after deploying all over the world to places like New Orleans, Iraq, Darfur, and Qatar. Whether it was disaster response days after Hurricane Katrina or serving in theatres of war and humanitarian crisis, my ultimate goal was always to help others. A few years ago, I realized that while I’ll always have a desire for public service and a personal love for acting and the theatre, writing has been the passion I’d ultimately love to pursue. Now that I’m a senior and possess skills and experience I hope to become an excellent writer and perhaps someday a talented and dedicated editor. Uplifting and helping young writers amplify their voices as well.

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