Meet Editor Syllina Ramalho

Staff members share insights into their personal and professional lives.

What’s your creative focus?

I genuinely enjoy Graphic Design. Everything about it inspires me and intrigues me. I love challenging myself by trying new techniques. I try to learn new software, or aspects of a certain software, weekly. This not only adds to my knowledge, but also keeps me intrigued with all the different possibilities to create art through technology.

What kind of submission grabs your attention?

There are really two kinds of submissions that grab my attention. The first would be controversial art. When people create art pieces that speak on a certain topic or focus on an uncomfortable/undesirable subject, I’m always amazed. I have an appreciation for people who have the courage to speak up through art. The second kind of submission that grabs my attention would be experimental art. I really love seeing other people’s risk-taking create a beautiful masterpiece that’s never been thought of prior. Whether it be through colors, material, or unique methods, it’s amazing what people can create when they take risks.

What makes you smile?

This is an easy question. My son Dominic. He’s currently four years old and everyday he never fails to put a smile on my face. We have our rough days, (I mean, what kind of child doesn’t?) but he never fails to astonish me or humor me. He’s my little best friend and without a doubt, the reason why I smile.

Syllina Ramalho

Syllina Ramalho is a 22-year-old student and mother to one son. She currently studies Graphic Design at Bridgewater State University and minors in Art History. Syllina also freelances and manages a small graphic design business from home. She currently works as a full-time daycare teacher at a hometown daycare where she is an Assistant Director and Head School Age Coordinator while also teaching a classroom of 31 school-aged children. Future goals and aspirations for Syllina include running her own freelance design business and traveling the world with her family.

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