Meet Editor Bao Huynh

Get to know our wonderful staff working on The Bridge vol. 19. We asked Bao a couple of questions, keep reading to find out more!

Bao is a senior and will be graduating this semester in December. Bao is a studio art major with dual concentrations in Graphic design, and Fine Art. He like the beauty of nature because of how it evokes emotion. Therefore, Bao believes that emotion is a form of Art. As a designer, and painter, Bao like to study and play with colors scheme. Also, he aims to be a master of portrait painting. 

What is your area of focus?

I am focusing on Graphic Design and Fine Art, painting. I want to combine both skills to create unique art works. They both support each other.

What do you look for when picking out a good piece?

As a painter, I would love to see the emotional beauty in the artwork. Emotion is a form of art. Beside that I also focus on the content of the artwork.

What is class you have taken in your field that you really liked?

I really like my painting class, where my emotions and creativity create art.

What makes you smile?

A good piece of painting or graphic poster makes me smile. Especially portrait painting.

What’s your dream job?

I want to be a successful graphic designer as well as a famous painter.

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