Meet Editor Jessica Hayes

Get to know our wonderful staff working on The Bridge vol. 19. We asked Jessica a couple of questions, keep reading to find out more!

Jessica has always been surrounded by art and artists her whole life. She comes from a long line of artists on both sides of her family. Jessica has always enjoyed the simple pleasures of looking at artwork. Her favorite types of art are landscapes, portraiture, and character design. Personally, her favorite art to create is portraits and character design. Jessica loves how every face is different; no two are the same, in most cases.

            A couple of dream jobs of Jessica’s would be to become a book cover designer, an animator for movies, or a book/graphic novel illustrator. Any one of those jobs would not only complement her graphic design major but her illustrative talents as well. Incorporating Jessica’s illustration talents into her graphic design work is very important for her.

What is your area of focus?
Studio Art with a concentration of Graphic Design

What do you look for when picking out a good piece?
Something that is intriguing, shows how much effort was put into it, has feeling

What is class you have taken in your field that you really liked?
4D Design

What makes you smile?

What’s one piece of advice you could give to someone wanting to submit in the journal?
Submit more than one piece. This makes your chances of being entered increase.

What’s your dream job?
An animator for movie

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