Sneak Peek; Volume 19

In the Sneak Peek series we are talking about and highlighting some great works that will be presented in volume 19. Each editor chose a piece they were excited to share with others, so keep an eye out for them in the journal.

By Jonathan Gillis

A Special Request “A Special Request” by Samuel W. Tarr is a heartfelt read. Its a creative nonfiction piece that tugs at all the right heartstrings. Writing a piece of enthralling creative nonfiction is a daunting task for any author who hasn’t had the life experience of Jack Kerouac or Hunter S. Thompson, but this piece surpasses the bar. Detailing something as simple as cooking a special meal for someone in need of one, an almost universal experience to relate too, this piece brings the reader in to the headspace and perspective of the speaker. The opening conveys the feeling of apathy and disillusionment that everyone can sympathize with in one way or another. This piece brings the reader on a journey with the speaker as he rediscovers some passion thought discarded with the leftover produce long ago. All in all a wonderful read through and through. Keep an eye out for Samuel W. Tarr’s special piece, “A Special Request” in this year’s volume of The Bridge.

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