Visual Art Submission Schedule

As we have for the past few years, we’ll be accepting physical visual art (paintings, sculpture, mixed media, et al) submissions in Art 201. We recommend that submissions of visual art be made during this time period (with the exception of digital art, which can be submitted at any time) because it gives editors the chance to engage with the work in a 3-dimensional space, and because it’s nice to have your artwork photographed under controlled lighting and blank backgrounds.

This year, our art collection schedule is as follows:

Dec. 13th: 9AM-3PM (Tillinghast Hall 239)
Dec. 14th: 9AM-4PM (Tillinghast Hall 239)
Dec. 15th: 8AM-5PM (Art 201)
Dec. 16th & Dec. 17th: BY APPOINTMENT
Dec. 18th: 8AM-4PM (Art 201)
Dec. 19th: 9AM-5PM (Art 201)
Dec. 20th: 8AM-5PM (Art 201)

After your art has been photographed, you’ll receive a phone call or email letting you know that it’s ready to be taken home. All art submissions must be picked up by 6PM on December 20th; if they are not taken by the artist, they’ll be in the Bridge Office in Tillinghast Hall through winter break and may be picked up at the start of the spring semester.

We hope to see you there!


Volume 14 Is Out!

Technically, it’s been out since May. You can pick up your copy on the BSU campus.

Volume 14 Update

Hey all,

At this time, we are putting together the guts of Volume 14. This means compiling contributor notes, editor bios, a letter from us, an artist profile, and, of course, editing the work that will be included in the new volume.

Look forward to emailed galley copies of literature submissions in the next two weeks. Those of you who have submitted in December, thank you–you’ll hear information about whether or not your work is included in the journal soon. Stay tuned.

The Editors, vol. 14