1. When are submissions open / when do they close?

Submissions for Volume 16 of The Bridge opened October 16th 2018 and will close December 21st 2018. The next open period for submissions will be decided by the editorial staff at a future date and will likely be during the Fall 2019 semester. Information about in-person submission of art can be found below.

2. How do I submit to the bridge?

In order to submit work digitally (literature and digital art files) please visit our submission page. If you have art that you would like to submit in person, such as painted canvas, sculpture, ceramics, or any other physical item, then please visit during our open hours (information available at link). If you cannot attend these hours, please contact us and we’ll do our best to accommodate your schedule.

3. Who can submit to The Bridge?

We accept submissions from BSU students and alumni.

4. What can I submit?

The Bridge is dedicated to publishing art in all its forms, so send us your poetry, fiction, nonfiction (from essays to memoir!), screenplays, paintings, sculptures, and so on. Even if you aren’t sure quite how to categorize it, send it anyway. Show us your creative side!

Simultaneous submissions are fine as long as you notify us if your work is accepted elsewhere first.

5. How many submissions am I allowed?

There is no formal cap on the number of submissions you are allowed, but we encourage you to use discretion and send us your best work.

6. When will I hear back about my submission?

Late March 2019.

7. When do you publish? How often?

The Bridge publishes annually at the end of the Spring semester.

8. Can I be an editor?

Anyone interested in becoming an editor should contact our faculty advisor directly: e1dardano@bridgew.edu

9. How do you decide what gets published?

When work is submitted, the faculty advisor and graduate assistant remove the names of creators before distributing copies to the editors. All work is then reviewed by the editorial staff and brought to a group discussion in which the merits and potential issues are addressed. After lively discussion, often spanning several long meetings, finalists for inclusion are identified for further analysis and consideration. In early-mid Spring semester, final decisions are agreed on and edited as necessary.

10. What awards can people win?

Contributors to The Bridge are eligible for Bridge Awards, which are awarded by the editorial staff to the creators whose work leaves a lasting impact on the history of the journal and on the editors themselves. Along with the award itself, winners receive a monetary prize (typically $200). Upon publication the editorial team also selects the works of art and literature that they feel are strongest and sends them to Columbia Scholastic Press Association for consideration. Several months later, CSPA may issue awards for photography, paintings, illustrations, poetry, and prose, among other categories.

11. Where can I get copies of The Bridge?

There are several places around the Bridgewater State University campus where The Bridge is regularly stocked. There are typically copies available at the Maxwell Library circulation desk and outside of The Bridge office in Tillinghast 239. Copies of The Bridge can also often be found at various free book sites around campus.

Further questions? Contact us at thebridgejournal@bridgew.edu.