Alexandria Machado, “The Great Barrier Reef is Dying!”

Today’s reading is from Alexandria Machado, editor and contributor to volume 14. Alexandria, with Katherine Nazzaro, also helped write volume 14’s artist profile on Clarence Major. Here, she reads her poem, “The Great Barrier Reef is Dying!” which is featured on page 83 of volume 14. It can also be read below the cut.

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D.S. Hooker, “Grandpa Jim”

Belatedly, because WordPress was having issues uploading audio files, is our third reading. This comes from D.S. Hooker, “Bridge” volume 13 editor as well as volume 14 contributor. His piece, “Grandpa Jim,” took home the Bridge Honors in volume 14 for best overall piece. It is located on page 24 of volume 14, and can be read below the cut.

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Caitlin Westgate, “craters have intentions”

During the spring 2017 semester, a few members of the volume 14 editorial staff took the time to ask contributors to the volume to record a few poems to publish here on our website. The editors of volume 14 recorded 7 pieces in all, and these will be posted over the next few weeks to this website. We would like to thank all of the contributors who took the time to read for us.

The first audio we’re posting is the poem “craters have intentions,” written and performed by Caitlin Westgate. The poem can be found on page 15 of volume 14, as well as after the cut.

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Volume 14 Update

Hey all,

At this time, we are putting together the guts of Volume 14. This means compiling contributor notes, editor bios, a letter from us, an artist profile, and, of course, editing the work that will be included in the new volume.

Look forward to emailed galley copies of literature submissions in the next two weeks. Those of you who have submitted in December, thank you–you’ll hear information about whether or not your work is included in the journal soon. Stay tuned.

The Editors, vol. 14

Submitting to Volume 14 of The Bridge

The Bridge is Bridgewater State University’s award-winning arts journal that features visual art and literature contributed by students and alumni. Our team will be collecting submissions from Wednesday, November 9th through Saturday, December 31st.

Digital art and Literature will be collected through Qualtrics, physical art submissions will be collected at a later date.

Submit To The Bridge Through Qualtrics

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