Meet Editor Kiana Govoni

Staff members share insights into their personal and professional lives.

What do I do for fun?

I enjoy reading, writing, and learning languages. I try to read every day for at least an hour. I like working on multiple writing projects which I hope to publish someday. I also enjoy learning languages and speaking with people in different languages. I don’t watch tv that often, but I love watching movies when I have the time.

What is my favorite sweet?

I love most things chocolate related, but my absolute favorite sweet is Reese’s. Most days I have at least two and can’t seem to stop.

What makes me smile?

No matter what is going on in my life, dogs and puppies always make me smile.

Kiana Govoni

Kiana Govoni is a senior English major with minors in Asian studies and anthropology. She enjoys reading, writing, and studying languages in her spare time. She is currently working on a children’s book series. She hopes to work as a writer and English teacher after graduation.

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