Meet Editor Michael Seguer

Michael is from Fairhaven, Massachusetts. He has changed his major from biology to graphic design sophomore year so he can love what he does. Some of Michaels hobbies are photography, drawing, cooking, and gaming.

Get to know our wonderful staff working on The Bridge vol. 19. We asked Michael a couple of questions, keep reading to find out more!

What is your area of focus?

Majoring in Studio Art concentrating in Graphic Design. Minoring in Management.

What’s your dream job?

Publication Designer or a Designer for mobile apps

What do you look for when picking out a good piece?

Originality and creativity

What class have you taken in your field that you really liked?

I enjoy all of my studio art classes, especially all of the graphic design classes I have taken. Some classes I found really interesting that I didn’t know I would like were my art history courses. Learning about Art history really opened my eyes to how symbolic art can really be.

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